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(7) Father Zakaria's Mission

Message of Grace (7)

Monday 16 September 2013

Father Zakaria's Mission

Brother Hussein

Father Zakaria's Mission

(1) Steve: Welcome to the seventh episode of our program Message of Grace to the Muslim. Today is a very special day for us as we have an honored guest, Father Zakaria Botros. Welcome Father

Father: Thank  you dear brother Hessen.

Steve: Father it’s been a great privilege to be on the AlFady TV network proclaiming the Gospel and continuing the great mission that you began  years ago while in Egypt, then in the West through PalTalk and Satelite television.

As an ex-Muslim myself, one thing I never doubted was your love for the Muslim people and your fervent desire that they know the Lord Jesus. Could you tell our viewers how this love and eventual vision to reach the Muslims was first birthed in your heart?

Father: [1] When I myself accepted Jesus Christ as a Personal Savior and Redeemer in 1964, The love of God was poured in my heart by the Holy spirit Who filled me.

[2] Love to God and love to all people Muslims, Christians and any person whom God created and loves.

[3] My concern hence, was to reach people, to show them God’s love and salvation which I have experienced, in order that all of them enjoy the lovely relationship with God as a good Father,

[4] Steve: Could you tell us a little about your brother who was killed by the Muslim Brotherhood?

Father: [1] My late brother Fouad was martyred in Egypt in 1948 by Brother Muslims because of preaching the gospel to all people whom he knew.

[2] But thank God because he took away any feelings of bitterness against Muslims. Instead He gave me love to save them as I realized that they are victims to the deceiver false prophet Mohamed, Who himself was deceived by Satan.

(5) Steve: It was a big step to launch out on your own and start AlFady Channel. What do you hope to accomplish through it?

Father: My ultimate intention is to reach all people in the whole world specially Muslims, to show them the love of God to be saved and have the true everlasting life to enjoy the glorious presence of God.

(6) Steve: There are millions of second-generation Muslims, like I was, who find themselves in limbo. They are unsure of their own faith and yet they are not ready to accept Christ. What would you say to them?

Father: [1] Without doubt every person is searching for the happiness. Some think that happiness is found in Wealth, health, entertainment or sex …etc.

[2] But all these things do not satisfy human’s needs. He will feel emptiness.

[3] Because a human is a spiritual creature, so the materialistic world does not satisfy him.

[4] The true happiness for this unique creature is in finding God and being filled with His Holy Spirit.

[5] Actually not all people accept that, but surely every one: Muslim, Christian by name, or else who is searching for the truth will realize that.

(7) Steve: There is also the issue of atheism among second generation Muslims, Father. Many have rejected all faith in God because they have seen the shortcomings of Islam. What would you say to them?

Father: [1] Islam does not satisfy man’s spiritual needs. That is why many have rejected faith in the god of Islam because they have seen the shortcomings of Islam as you said.

[2] I believe that atheism is just a transit station for many Muslims who rejected Islam for fear of declaring their belief in Christ who satisfied their needs.

(8) Steve:  Some people have told me Father that they don’t think we should speak about Islam, but only about the Bible. Why do you believe it is important to discuss both?

Father: [1] Actually we preach the gospel for every person. [2] To do that, we have to reveal any hindrance which prevents people from accepting Christ. [3] That is why we expose Islam to help Muslims to know the reality of Islam which prevents them from being saved by Christ.

(9) Steve:  One issue Father that I have been discussing in the program is the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in the Koran. As I see it, the Koran does teach that Jesus both died and rose again. What is your opinion about this?

Father: [1] Yes the Quran says in (Surat Maryam 33) “Peace is on me the day I was born, the day that I die and the day that I shall be raised up to life”

[2] But they refuse the crucifixion of Christ saying in (Surat Al Nesaa 157) “They killed him not nor crucified him but so it was made to appear to them”

[3] Our question to them is: Why do you refuse the crucifixion of Christ while you confess killing of prophets as it is written in (Suret Ali Imran 112) “They slew the prophets in defiance of right”?

[4] The secret reason for their rejection of Christ crucifixion is ignoring the doctrine of redemption and salvation by Christ’s atonement.

[5] The problem is how their sins be forgiven without the blood of Christ as it is written in (Heb  9 :  22) “Without shedding of blood there is no remission of sin”

(10) Steve: What is your advice to the Muslim who is searching for the truth?

Father: [1] I want to tell him: read your Quran and other books to understand them [2] and ask the Muslim Sheikhs about what you do not comprehend till you find the truth. [3] I want to ensure you that God who loves you will help you to know Him and His true way. [4] And also will pray for you. [5] I advice you to ask God the creator to reveal the truth to you [6] When you discover the truth open your heart and ask Christ to fill you with his presence, and to prevail on your life.

(11) Steve: Thank you so much Father for being with us today. It has been a great honor to have you on the program. To our viewers, we thank you for being with us and hope that you will follow us on Youtube and Facebook as well as our website: Alfadytv.tv. God bless you and please be with us again in a future episode of our program Message of Grace to the Muslims.


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